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Antique & Collectible Auction

Date December 10, 2016

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Location: First Christian Church 3611 Center Rd/Rt 303 Brunswick, Oh
Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!






“There is a proper way to do an auction and you seem to have found the way… We attend many, many auctions and I believe your organization ranks among the best in fairness and good business practices.”

–Logan (Perry, Ohio)

“I just want to thank you for doing such a nice job with my aunt’s belongings. I was shocked at how much money was made!!”

–Jerri (Parma Heights, Ohio)

“Once again, it is hard to believe what you can generate from my cast-offs!”

–Pat (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

“…thank you for helping with my parents’ stuff… It was a big help having someone who understood and cared.”

–Lynn (Mayfield, Ohio)

Donna Kordish Auctions

Personalized Auction Services

Donna Kordish personalized auction servicesIn an industry filled with cookie-cutter auction services, Donna Kordish Auctions stands out as a premium provider working exclusively on behalf of our clients to attract maximum value for your estate items.

Using high-tech tools to promote our auctions, and high-touch personalized attention in working alongside our clients, we strive to deliver a positive experience in liquidating personal assets.

Donna Kordish Auctions is now a certified appraiser, able to identify and value a greater range of items than ever!

A Solid Reputation

We take pride in our personalized business approach and being upfront and honest with our clients. Our goal is to provide impeccable, results-driven service showcased by these guarantees:

Motivating the Buyer: The Key to Successful Auctions

Now Selling:  Donna Kordish AuctionsDonna Kordish Auctions is successful because we know how to attract the buyers who are intently interested in estate possessions and who will aggressively bid to get what they want.

Using a customized marketing strategy to promote your salable belongings, we go the extra mile in positioning and aggressively promoting those items to the industry, collectors and the public.

Assess—Evaluate—Appraise. We carefully appraise each and every item and are experts at identifying rare and highly collectible assets. To ensure our customers receive top dollar for their property, we sometimes recommend specialized auction houses for specialty items in order to attract additional profit for key possessions.

Strategize—Promote—Attract. Once we’ve inventoried and appraised your items, we flood our marketing channels with the information buyers need to know to become highly interested in your sale. We coordinate all photography, advertising and promotions required for:

Display—Auction—Sell. It’s what we do best. Generating excitement at auction to build high demand and garnering maximum sales potential for each item.